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Old Havana Casino review

We are gratified to propose a storytelling of Old Havana Casino, in which we please separate you in fact almost the camation of this casino and what program you buoy frolic on, what kinds of pastimes and rewards are available, and what way of depositing and retracting way are offered. In extension, hither you desire obtain away what adjudging the casino has and what additional participant add almost it. Delight in recitation! This is a dynamic casino, so we ambition you obtain this analysis worthy.

The Old Havana Casino site is available at The casino is available in the variant established on a PERSONAL COMPUTER, an immediate games and slots (roulette), so you buoy frolic it on you have pc, online mobile (representing valid cash, and aloof similar that). Each the pastimes offered were established near the true time program. The website itself is interpreted just into English. Suit notice that Slavic is not comprised in the record of speech backed close to this casino. Thither are just 7 kinds of rewards that are offered in it. The RTP equivalent, or the proportion of the measure of wagers that settles the sizing of the trophy pool, is not demonstrated. Old Havana Casino does not offer the opportunity of guidebook backdown of backdowns, which is cost memory to participant who get troubles with ego-study.

Software. Security

Old Havana Casino is owned close to Parkland Track Regional, a corporation situated in Panama.

If you get whatever misapprehensions with the superintendence of Old Havana Casino that you cannot resolve straight with them, you buoy link the Control Puzzle Process (CDS logotype at the ass of the website) representing support. This item was exclusively composed close to RTG representing much casings.

The Technological Trying Process, which regularly behavior stays at the casino, support the probity and reliability of the casino. As representing safety, it is at the maximal equivalent.

Bonuses. Promotions

Old Havana Casino propose a copious bonus code procedure. A promo code of 200% is effervescent on the basic deposition. Aged Havana furthermore propose client’s hebdomadal hand-outs.

Old Havana Casino has a dynamic allegiance program representing fixture participant, big them a diversity of superiority and advantage.

No deposit codes buoy be proceeded on a player’s deposition. Much handouts are evaluated as an interest of the deposition: 25%, 50% or 100%. So, the areas hearten the contestant to renew the accounting with large cash. Regularly, the promo code is offered to the thespian who has aloof open an accounting, and occasionally the area proposes a deposition representing a less big measure, various period bigger than the deposition measure. In this example, the participant has to so stake on the measure of the deposition or many. At any websites, hand-outs are credited to the basic, 2nd and 3rd settles.

While the competitor bombshells backbone the deposition, he cannot take cash from the deposition and come in many, releases are backhand out. What stays behind on the accounting later wagering, the contender buoy selection up representing himself. No deposit codes are allowed to the participant representing registering an accounting on the area. Honoraria buoy be in the formation of accomplishments or for free spins.. A participant buoy achievement valid cash with small to no assets. For free spins are offered to participant in modern pastimes or representing any cause as a contribution. Furthermore, sign up or welcome bonus is waiting for you, a constant measure ballplayer be offered as a courtesy.

Many clients, having the possibility to frolic and achievement, are carried out and keep to frolic representing their have cash, which is the aim of the area in this example. Representing a thespian, a for free games or slots is a great possibility to experience. Thither are furthermore bonus code that are credited to the player’s accounting whether he attracted added participant to the playacting area. It is credited when a modern contender registry an accounting and studies on whose testimonial he has certified, restock the deliberate and starts out to frolic. The extreme measure of a deposition promo code buoy be the similar of $ 25 to $ 500. Nearly handouts are offered on fissure, and if thither are rewards representing additional kinds of pastimes require to be itemized in everyone example.


Old Havana Casino buoy be visited straight from the website or downloaded and login code and established on your pc.

The casino proposes an all-embracing scope of pastimes. Nearly of each thither are slits that get undivided accidental and little pots. Any pastimes are presented with ongoing kitties.

The casino categorization has an all-embracing survival of tabularize and carte gaming, as good as picture cards.

Customer Servicing (Client Aid)

  • Live chat
  • Email: write to [email protected]
  • Phone: Australia, England, New Zealand, Canada – 1.788.212.3908

Banking methods

Old Havana Casino assists the next banking way: Neteller, InstaDebit, Cash and also some other methods.

The just currency backed close to the casino is the US buck. It is cost noting that the Slavic hour is not single of the acceptances backed close to this casino.

Max cash out – this is the extreme measure that a contestant buoy pull back according to the designation of the largesse later win, notwithstanding of the measure of profit. All the more whether the win is extremely big, the backdown measure desire be low to the extreme permissible measure below the designation of the largesse allowed. The purpose of the largesse is to compose the participant into the gamey, and not improve him with an unannounced kitty.

There are 11 deposition and back down way:

There are 7 deposition way: ClickandBuy, MasterCard, instaDebit, MST endowment carte, Neteller, etc.

4 back down ways are offered: cash move, ACH, analysis, Neteller

According to the procedure of Old Havana Casino, the string on the backdown of methods won is 5,000 USD representing 1 workweek.

Supported acceptances and languages


Advantages and disadvantages

Casino Advantage:

  • Instant frolic mode
  • Lots of groove, card pastimes and tv poker
  • Customer aid also through chat and call, and e-cataphract is available 24/7
  • 128-shred SSL crucial and firewall
  • Guarantee of justice

Disadvantages of the casino:

  • No worldwide call supports
  • No Audit

Given each the pros and cons (5 vs 2), we are set to advise this casino. Essentially, the equivalent of standard of the utility allowed buoy be identified as under intermediate, so the casino receives a ranking of 9 away of 10.

Old Havana casino review:

  • Brand – 8.6/10
  • Games – 8.5/10
  • Transactions – 8.7/10
  • No deposit bonus 2021 and free spins – 9.0/10
  • Client aid – 9.1/10
  • General – 9.0/10

Our recommendations

Old Havana casino is very colorful and interesting online or mobile casino with huge range of games, slots and different encouragements. Try it and you will like it too.