Melbet No deposit Rewards When You Become a Member

Although there are lots of remarkable casinos around the globe from London to Las Vegas, each destination would argue that their establishment is the best.

However, did you know that the first gambling establishments were in Italy? I bet you didn’t have a clue. The word ‘casino’ was born in Italy and it comes from the term ‘casa’ which refers to the house. Its main aim was to mask out lots of social clubs and summer places.

It’s been documented that one of the first gambling establishments was created in 1638 in Venice. Though many countries now have breathtaking establishments, they owe a great deal to the curators – Italians.

Brick and mortar casinos have been dominant for a long time but with innovation in technology, many online establishments are popping up every day. This review is going to cover Casino Melbet and will show you in a nutshell what it has to offer once you’re a member.

Melbet Casino Story

After its creation in September 2019, MelbetCasino has grown to compete with some of the best establishments currently on the market. It is making waves due to years of meticulous planning and execution.

It holds a license from Macau which is a popular place for many gambling establishments. The owner and operator are Tutkia limited with Nicosa in Cyprus given the billing agent duties.

When you visit the website, you’ll be impressed with how every button is visible showing not only simplicity but functionality. It’s not too alarming but very welcoming for both new and seasoned gamers.

Sports Betting on Offer for Members

When you sign up to, you are going to be amazed by the lots of events and titles you will enjoy. You first have the popular sports betting section which is a MUST have for any establishment looking to attract users.

You’ll get to enjoy betting on football or soccer (whichever you prefer to call it), the weather, motorsports and a mammoth of other sporting events. There is also live betting for those who follow sports being broadcasted.

With Melbet, you’re able to watch more than 200 live broadcasts and 1000+ matches for different events. This is just awesome, isn’t it? Watch your favorite teams or events without additional costs.

You are also able to place bets on any four events concurrently and they could include things like cycling, football, horse racing, dog racing among others. You definitely are going to increase your winning chances.

Also, you have the opportunity to try the esport feature where you could enjoy games like Fifa, Mortal Kombat, World of Tanks, Counterstrike, Angry Birds and many others.

Sample the live accumulator where you’ll have the chance to win the jackpot. What you simply do is after you sign up, put your down payment and then select the outcome of 15 events.

Should you get all the 15 correct, you’re in line to win the jackpot and the cash prize in the pool. If you have seven to 14 outcomes, you still get some winnings from the pool but they will be significantly less.

The Casino Section

Moving on to one of the most popular sections of the website. With, you get to enjoy your favorite titles from the 15 providers available. The leading, of course, being NETENT.

The total of all the titles from the different providers is 2,475. You have slots that include poker versions like All Aces, Teen Patti, Jack or Better Video Poker and many more.

There are plenty of roulette titles on offer with titles like Royal, European, Astro just to name a few to keep you entertained and begging for more.

Another great inclusion of the selections is the impressive 3D titles. You’ll get to play and enjoy titles like Zeus (has some relation to the Greek god), Nefatiti’s Gold, Jungle King with lots more exciting titles on offer.

The establishment also has a progressive jackpot where you can not only participate but also win big. The titles on offer here are Aloha Fortune, Vampire Night, and Dragon Empire just to name a few.

If you’re a baccarat lover, then you wouldn’t get disappointed. You’ll have 40 titles to choose from with examples like Pro, Dragon Tiger, and Deluxe. All titles are easily accessed on the simply structured menu on Melbet.

For you the Bingo enthusiast, there is a whole 36 titles to choose from that’ll get you glued to your screen. To give you a glimpse of what to expect, you’ll find titles like Bingole, Aces, Bingo Soccer and many more.

Finally, yet importantly, you have Keno, which is a great addition to the whole mix of titles. You get to titles like Dancing Bones, Keno 80 and Diamond Slots.

Do note that many of the titles at hand have got free play meaning that you can try them with no deposit needed. This is cool if you aren’t sure whether to put an investment on a particular title. You get to test the waters before committing.

Fancy Interactive Gaming?

If your answers are yes, then you’re in for one hell of a treat at 11 providers offer loads of titles. The leading, of course, being Evolution Gaming but other providers have good quality titles too.

You will find in the mix a mixture of blackjack, poker, baccarat and also game shows that you can wager on. There are also 14 slots that you’re able to enjoy either on your own or with colleagues.

Do you Fancy Gaming on The Go?

If you do, then the mobile version of the site will impress you as much as the full version. You need to keep in mind that establishments have shifted to gadgets compatibility as the number of people using gadgets around the world increases.

Since the website doesn’t work in some locations, you’re advised to download the Opera browser as it has an inbuilt VPN to enable you to gain access. It’s fairly easy to download and set up. Takes less than 10 seconds actually.

Depending on your location whether its Ukraine or far in Canada, access to the site is at your disposal. You also have the chance to bookmark the site so it remains on your favorite list.

For your Android or iOS mobile devices, you have apps that you can easily download from the play store and app respectively – that is if you are into apps (some can’t stand them).

Similarly, if you’re on PC or Mac, you also have an application that is ready for you to use. Whatever device that you’ve got and love using, Melbet Casino has got you covered.

Goodies Once You’ve Signed Up

With any establishment, keeping gaming interested and playing is a top priority. With that said, you not only get no deposit codes but lots of additional perks to make you have more winning chances.

The first perk you’re going to receive from the establishment is the all too common welcome bonus when you first login. What does it entail? Well, on becoming a member, if you put a down payment of €10 you’ll receive €30 in free bets. This will apply to events that you wager a total of 1.5 or more with the stake being similar to whatever amount you put into your account.

You’ll also have to place your wager within the first 30 days from the time you have signed up and put your down payment. It should be that you’re using a single account with the same IP, personal contact and payment details. No account sharing is allowed between users.

This bonus is only for members who are new to the MelbetCasino platform. For your initial down payment to the tune of €1750, you’re entitled to bonus codes with an additional 290 free spins that don’t require any wagering.

Another point to note is that no deposit rewards can be used on mobile devices too. So you can use your rewards on your Android or iOS device without any issues whatsoever.

The only slight difference is that you can wager your free bet to a tune of three times in the accumulator. If you want to fully utilize your rewards, you need to place a bet with a minimum of four events with coefficients of 1.4 or higher.

Also, you need to acknowledge that you cannot sell your rewards or trade them for cash. You also cannot utilize them in bits but in full. Besides, on mobile devices, it’s only good for 7 days. Failure to utilize within the given period will lead to your reward becoming void.

Competitions throughout the Week

With weekly competitions on offer, you have the chance to play, gather points based on whatever down payment you’ve made. You’ll have the opportunity to win prizes every week.

What you need to keep in mind is that the amount of points that you’ll obtain depends on the amount that you’ve put in your account. In short, the more you deposit, the more the points you’ll receive.

Every week, there will be a leader board with the top points earner receiving the first prize of an iPhone 8 plus. The 2nd to 12th places also do receive prizes in terms of 10 to 100 free spins on the LUCKY WHEEL.

You also have a fast games section where you can play and receive a bonus to the tune of €100 with an additional 5 free spins on LUCKY WHEEL. This is done only on Wednesday where you are also entitled to no deposit codes.

You get 100% awarded straight into your account but you’ll have to make a minimum down payment of €1. You also need to wager the amount you have deposited for at least 30 times for you to cash any winnings made.

Additional Competitions

You are not only restricted to a couple of competitions as there are lots of opportunities and winning chances with added events. You have for instance big games and where you’re able to win big.

There is the so-called Casino Melbet jackpot that you can exclusively win on any accumulator that you place. You make a selection of 15 events with coefficients of 1.7 for each one or more. You can do this on your account, account setting and then head to participation on the offer stated.

Another interesting competition is the reward of up to €1750 with an additional 290 free spins on have no wager requirements. Your rewards are distributed as follows:

  •  First down payment 50% reward with max €350 allowed with a total of 30 complimentary spins
  •  Second down payment 75% reward with max €350 allowed with a total of 40 complimentary spins
  • Third down payment 100% reward with max €350 allowed with a total of 50 complimentary spins
  • Fourth down payment 150% reward with max €350 allowed with a total of 75 complimentary spins
  •  Fifth down payment 200% reward with max €350 allowed with a total of 100 complimentary spins

Note: All complimentary spins are for the title Down the Pub.

You also get a complete 100% given back to you on any accumulator that you’ve wagered on and one event wasn’t successful. There is a catch though as the coefficient for each of your events must be 1.7 or higher to get a refund of up to €100.

With the accumulator of the day, you stand the chance of getting your odds increased between 10-30% should they win.

If you’re an active member you get a chance of getting bonuses every week for the first week to a total of 42 days. The bonuses at Melbet range from €4 to €44. You are awarded no deposit codes within 24 hours. They must be utilized within 7 days upon issuance on a minimum of one event with a coefficient of not less than 2.

Your Loyalty Rewarded

Although the loyalty system isn’t that great, you can still get rewarded for being a faithful member. You’ll need to go to your account, wager up to 6 events with a coefficient of up to €1000 or the equivalent in your preferred currency.

What you get later are bonuses. How the bonuses are calculated is the amount you wagered multiply by the number of events divided by 3. For example, if you placed a €1000 bet on 7 events your bonus points will be 1000 multiplied by 7 divided by 3 giving you a total of 2,333 points.

The minimum bet you’re able to place is €1, $1 or the equivalent in the currency of your choice to be used exclusively on one account. To know how much your rewarded points are in hard cash, you take the number of points divided by 200. Using our example, we take 2,333 divided by 200 where we get €11. It may not seem like much but it’s something.

Do keep in mind that the loyalty reward is permanently set up once you become a member. Upon conversion of your points to cash, you can cash out whatever you get.

With esports, play your favorite titles and get cashback from 10% to 30% depending on the type of title in question. The titles that you can get these bonus codes rewards are Mortal Kombat, Counterstrike, martial arts, handball, tennis, and World of Tanks. has partnered with a well-known bank from Switzerland guaranteeing a winning of €1 million.

Your birthdays are also not forgotten. To ensure that you are rewarded on your special day, you’ll need to complete your profile and activate your account through your phone and also your email needs to be verified.

Like any other establishment, there is a VIP section and rewards too. There are eight levels you can reach. The first level being copper. The levels can only be reached when playing titles in the casino section.

The higher the level you obtain, the higher the cash you’ll earn. You also get your assistant and all your cashback is calculated based on the money you invested in your account. You are guaranteed your cashback whether you get winnings or suffer losses.

Methods you can replenish and Take out Your Winnings

This is perhaps the second most important aspect when you are a member of the platform. The cashing in and taking out of possible winnings from your account. When it comes to replenishing your account, you can either use debit or credit cards, e-wallets, payment systems, mobile payment systems, internet banking, bank transfer, and cryptocurrency.

Similarly, the methods of claiming your winnings are the same with the only difference being the duration you’ll need to wait for your winnings to be processed by your preferred method.

Dedicated On-call Support Staff

Arguably it’s one of those establishments with a working phone line where you can reach out in case you need assistance fast. The line is manned by well-qualified support staff to assist you with whatever question that you may have.

The number is toll-free and you can reach the support staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You also have additional support via email for general queries, tech support, finances, and security concerns.

There is also a form where you can send in your questions and a contact email that one of the support team staff will get back to you within 24 hours with an answer.

Apart from the email, form and toll-free phone line, you have social media icons for your popular social media platforms that you can share with experience and views. They include Instagram, Facebook, Vkontakte, and Telegram.

The support languages are English if you’re from England or New Zealand and Russian if you’re from Ukraine and the former socialist republic states that have Russian as their language.

Your Security on the Platform Guaranteed

You can rest assured that your personal and transaction information is well-protected thanks to the latest encryption provided on the platform. Once you login, your information is safely secured in the establishment’s server and no third party will have access to it.

Parting Shots…

Being relatively new in the scene, Melbet Casino is a form to reckon with. It’s winning hearts over with the many promotion for seasoned and new players. Get to enjoy the lots of titles on offer, esports, live betting, sports wagering and casino titles.

There are plenty of rewards like no deposit bonus 2021 that’s been covered earlier on in this review that you ought to check out so you don’t miss out on what’s been offered.

Without trouble, the welcome bonus is welcome though not that much at least you’re able to get something. The customer support team is great as you have three modes of communication: phone, email and contact form.

If you haven’t tried this establishment yet, you’re definitely missing out on the fun and the lots of winning opportunities. You’re bound to get what you’re looking for in terms of pleasure.