The most beneficial system to increase your income

What is “Posh Friends”?

Posh Friends” is a great gambling and no deposit (meaning it requires no constant payments to be made) partner program platform for both those who a ready to step on a new level of the world of gambling and those who are not big fans of games themselves but still are interested in the concept and system of online casinos. Posh Friends Brands Casino features 4 giant projects you can direct your targeted traffic to. This is a nice and open system with a refreshed design and individual promo materials that will definitely satisfy even the most refined webmaster and let us see why in this review.

Why do people choose as their main partner? Everything is quite simple: it offers one of the most profitable conditions on the market, such as a great revshare registration conversion in first deposits and a good revshare percent which is from 25% to 45%. You will never regret choosing PoshFriends Brands Casino since many famous gambling teams have been working with this product long enough to guarantee the advantageous ability of the partnership program, it is an honest platform where all the actions are clean and can be tracked for your convenience. Upon this review, you can also pass the registration, choose the preferable Casino Posh Friends Brands and start earning!

How to join?

Work with is an easy-going process. To start your journey into Posh Friends Brands Casino and objectively direct your traffic in the correct direction and field, you will need to go through a simple registration process first. Also, you will need to familiarize with the terms and conditions of Casino Posh Friends Brands project if you are an owner of any kind of gambling resource or a video hosting platform.

You will have an opportunity to choose from 4 top brands of the world of gambling: “Casino-X”, “Joycasino”, “Pokerdom” and “Champion”. All of them offer the best and the biggest libraries of games throughout the web. You can find your favorite slots here or check your luck in a roulette. They are free play and do not require any payments to be made to work with them. They also offer many bonus codes and welcome bonus like free spins.

Though these are Russia-based projects, they are world-class platform that can be accessed and played from any part of the world and any country, even if you are in England, New Zealand, Kazakhstan or Canada. PoshFriends Brands Casino revshare is a long-term perspective because this method guarantees you a profit from the players you brought to the project. Also, this revshare percent varies from 25% to 45% depending on the new deposits during the reporting period.

Let’s get things going

It is important not to confuse the registration and the first deposit since the players that joined and replenished their accounts thanked to you are automatically assigned to you forever.

Of course, there is a special formula for calculating your profit which is used according to the accepted rules of the partnership program.

CPA/HYBRID model of the program offers a fixed payment for bringing new players. The conditions and the fixed value are also defined by the system for every single partner separately. With no doubts, you will be able to earn from approximately $50 to $500 for each referral depending on the quality of your traffic and the pre-agreed terms.

What is the best way to earn? That is up to you!

So as you might have already understood, there are several kinds of these terms and conditions and a number of programs as well:

  • CPA Simple – the easiest way of getting profit. The fixed payment is set on $50. In order to receive it, your player needs to make the minimum deposit allowed (at least).
  • CPA BaseLine – with this model any partner can earn up to $500 per referral. You will receive this amount once the overall sum of the player’s deposits reaches $100.
  • Scandinavian CPA – this is a geo-targeted program for Finland, Sweden and Norway. You will earn $200 for each player from these countries you brought.
  • Hybrid model – this model includes CPA payment as well as the fixed revshare percent. Here is the standard commission calculation in the Posh Friends Brands Casino system: $100 + 25% (revshare).

Any of the CPA programs require at least 20 active players on your account. It is also important to remember that the minimum deposit for fixed payment record is taken in the amount of $15.

Sub-affiliates are partners joined by using your referral link. Such method brings 5% of your partners’ earnings. Moreover, you will have access to all the statistics with its separation on days and the referrals. Therefore, you have all the info needed for writing instructions and articles you can use to learn a new partner how to earn the money on and online casinos on the whole. And with their profit, you potentially have an additional source of profit as well!

Monitor all the data and activity through the main web-site or enter the platform through your mobile device.

While increasing your balance, you can also check the games offered by the casino yourself. No additional sign up is required. Just login into your account and start playing. You might check for the partner casinos’ promo codes or free spins to earn even more! And no need to download additional apps on your mobile phone or laptop, your account will be secured in the cloud and you only need to log in via browser, all your promo codes, progress and balance will be saved.

More reasons to join (spoiler: free gifts are already waiting for you)

The “Posh Friends” platform is a top brand of a high quality that works with the best casinos and games only. The fame of brands is a quite important factor which is worth considering when you are working with traffic direction. Many popular streamers and video-makers work with the presented online casinos. Also, new brands that give impetus to both old and new clients of the gambling industry appear all the time.

Every “Posh Friends” partner automatically becomes a member of the partner program incentives. Such incentives can be found in the “Achievements” section, and they can be a good stimulation for the affiliates’ fighting spirit. That is why, in order to make your traffic not just profitable but also comfortable and advantageous, you should open new achievements and unlock amazing rewards.

Here is a list of nominations of rewards you can achieve:

  • Payouts;
  • Number of first deposits;
  • Sub-affiliates income;
  • Number of registrations made;
  • Prizes for communication;

You can also follow some special promotion and the partner projects’ welcome bonus to increase the sum you will receive.

And that is not everything you can gain as prizes. The platform also offers a set of physical bonuses, not just the mentioned digital ones. The partner program really appreciates its partners, so any web-maser or a video-maker that became a partner of the system also have an opportunity to get some nice and pretty stuff with the “Posh Friends” designs. For example, it can be a bright and colorful set of bags, a passport cover, a set of underwear, keychains, t-shirts and many other things and items that can make you look stylish or if you would like to show the sympathy to the platform. So, to sum the aforementioned lists of earnings and prizes up, working there will make your income as profitable as possible.

A brief guide of how to work with the site

The website is a simple but nicely looking platform made with mostly white, sky blue and black tones. The main bar is located on top of each page. You can access any page using it and can get back to the main page by pressing the “Posh Friends” logo. Here is the rest of the buttons you can find on the main bar:

  • News – leads you to the what can be called the service’s blog. Here you can find all the news, stream, digests and articles on the related topic. Those texts and videos are made specifically for the project, so you can find tons of exclusive and useful info there.
  • Brands – this is the page that shows you the mentioned gambling brands that work with “Posh Friends”. They are ‘Casino-X”, “Joycasino”, “Pokerdom” and “Champion”. You can see all the main info needed, like the brand’s revshare conditions, target audience, platforms available and so on. No deposit are needed to access this info and you are free to use it at your will. There is also a link to every brand’s site, so you could login from there right away and check available games if you are looking, for example, for slots or would simply like to make sure the brand require no deposit.
  • Commission – contains the full and detailed info about the revshare, CPA/HYBRID and sub-affiliates systems. All the formulas, percentage and processes can be found here.
  • FAQ – it is a well-known section where you can find answers on some questions if the other pages did not have info you would like to know or if something was confusing to you.
  • Contacts – this button will open a page with a form. If the previous page does not have a reply you need, you can type your special question here and send it to the support team.
  • Tournaments – shows you the tournaments and events that are taking place right now. You should press on one of them to find out more details about it.

The system allows you to use many popular payment methods for both debiting and withdrawing. It can be a wire transfer, the Neteller system, QIWI, Yandex Money, Skrill, your WebMoney wallet, EcoPayz or Epayments and you are able to make any transfers and anytime from different parts of the world and any device, whether it is a mobile phone or a modern PC.


In conclusion it can be said that “Posh Friends” product is a reliable and safe partner that works with many famous partners and with a great number of top brands and projects. The positive review of affiliates and comments of the casino players made this platform a number 1 partnership program on the market in 2021. Besides, it is still being developed all the time and brings cool changes, both in the work of the service and its appearance as well. It requires no special knowledge needed to start, so anyone can start earning whenever they want proceeding with one or all the ways mentioned earlier.